Our bowls are priced @£8.50 per bowl.

We advise a choice of 3 bowls including one vegetarian option. Average allocation is 3 bowls of each per person. Naturally this varies up and down subject to your menus and dining plan. We have waiting staff built into the price, however a chef on sight would be £22.50 per hour and the number of chefs would be reflective of the number of guests.

Minimum spend £300 + VAT.

What is bowl food?

Bowl food is an informal but still very classy way of eating. It allows guests a chance to mingle with other guests and still be well fed by the end of the night. It allows a diverse choice of food to be served and includes some great options on presentation.

Can this be dropped off?

Yes it can, only if it is a cold option and the bowls would have to be returned.

Is creating the bowls on site preferred?

Yes it gives you a wider choice of food and saves you the hassle of washing and returning equipment. We also provide waiting staff included in the price.




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